It is easy to establish your business in Malmö!

The City of Malmö offers professional and free service for those planning to set up a business in Malmö. We also help existing business to expand or relocate their operations to Malmö.

Examples of questions we answer:

  • What developments are currently taking place in Malmö?
  • What is the best geographic location for me and my business?
  • Can I build my own? How do I purchase industrial land or plot?
  • What vacant office/business facilities are available?
  • What business networks can I contact?
  • How can I recruit staff?


Investing in Malmö is investing in a winning combination!

Malmö is a great place to live, work and do business in. The city is the economic center of southern Sweden and offers access to 3.8 million consumers.

But it is not just a place for business and investment in world class, but also a modern and pulsating European city that retains small town charm and friendliness. In addition, Malmö is very much an international city with 312 000 inhabitants who speak over 150 languages and representing 174 different nationalities.

Malmö's main business types are private services, retail and wholesale operations, logistics, manufacturing and construction, but there are also a number of renowned companies in biotechnology and medicine, IT and digital media.

Thanks to the well-developed cooperation between colleagues, science parks and business creates a stable foundation for entrepreneurship and creative development. Something which is further strengthened by the City of Malmö's continuous and active efforts to further develop the attractive and dynamic environment for entrepreneurship.

Regional opportunities:

  • Strong regional growth
  • A natural gateway to the Danish and European market
  • Dynamic and diverse business
  • A region which has hosted major events such as Eurovision Song Contest, the European football championship, major athletics competitions, Davis Cup in tennis, the Solheim Cup golf, sailing race Louis Vuitton Acts 6 & 7 of the 32nd America's Cup and the World Cup Finals in Eventing

The region is a hotbed for companies working with the ICT, food, science and logistics.The area is also known as Medicon Valley, one of the world's leading clusters in biotechnology with more than 41 000 employees and 5000 clinical researchers.

Among the companies that have headquarters or research centers in or near Malmo include Subaro, Duni, Mercedes-Benz, Stralfors, Vestas, Epsilon, Findus, Oriflame, Sony Ericsson, Tetra Pak Thule and Acadia.


In Malmö it is indeed close to everything. With access to two airports in just 30 minutes from the center; Copenhagen International Airport - one of Europe's largest airports with direct flights all over the world - and Malmö Airport.

The local infrastructure of roads and rail networks are extensive, bicycle routes crossing the whole town and walking paths as well. Malmö City is constantly working to optimize the infrastructure further.

One of the largest projects was the construction of the underground train link between Malmö Central station and the Öresund Bridge.