Head offices

Establishing Nordic and global head offices

The Øresund Institute’s study “The Location of Nordic and Global Headquarters 2010” investigates where 603 of the largest companies within eleven industries have chosen to locate their head offices, all on the Forbes 2000 list.

The study, as previously conducted in 2000 and 2006, shows a concentration of Nordic head offices in the Öresund and Stockholm region, with a proportion of 83.7 per cent of all Nordic headquarters. The Stockholm region has the most, with 48.6 per cent, whilst the Öresund region’s share is 35.1 per cent; of which Greater Copenhagen has 26.4 per cent and Skåne 8.7 per cent.

To note is the fact that Skåne with 8.7 per cent of the Nordic headquarters, has more than Oslo (4.1 per cent) and Helsinki (1.5 per cent). Greater Malmö/Skåne’s power is dependent on Skåne being part of the wider Swedish market and proximity to Copenhagen airport. Skåne has declined slightly in the seven industries investigated in the 2006 study, but on the other hand, does have several head offices in the four new industries that have joined the study and therefore has a greater combined proportion than 2006 (7.9 per cent).

Skåne is particularly strong within healthcare and medical technology with 31 per cent of all Nordic headquarters. For capital goods, the share is 18 per cent. For long-lasting consumable goods and food, drinks and technology, the share is above 10 per cent.