Malmö has a huge variety of schools and courses to offer in the city and its vicinity.

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International schools for childen in Malmö

Malmö has two compulsory schools and two upper secondary schools which teaches in English. Malmö International School  and the Malmö Borgar School are free of charge as they receive municipal subsidies. Bladins International School receives a state subsidiary and is allowed to collect fees.

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Higher education

Malmö University was founded in 1998. Located in the centre of Malmö at Universitetsholmen, the university has played a central role in the transformation of Malmö from industrial town to centre of learning. The univeristy has around 25 000 students, which makes it the eighth largest in Sweden.

They offer many professional programs with strong roots in the labor market. They also have many joint projects with stakeholders in society that governments, businesses and organizations.

Malmö University has five school and faculty areas, all of which are multi-disciplinary. This means that several sciences meet under one roof, each one enriching the other.  It also means that the courses and programs give graduates a wider outlook as they prepare for their imminent professional working careers.

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Lund University has its natural place among Europe's top universities. It is Scandinavia's largest institution of higher education and research and to conduct business in a wide range of topics. The Lund University employs 6000 persons - teachers, researchers, administrative and technical staff - and there are about 46 000 students.

Most of the university is located in Lund, but several educational and research institutions are located in Malmö . The university has an additional campus in Helsingborg.

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12 Universities

Being part of the Öresund region you can access the knowledge and talents from 12 universities, 150.000 students and 14.000 university researchers.

Special Colleges in Malmö