Eastern Harbour

Malmö is a harbour and shipping town by tradition with one of Sweden´s most important harbours strategically positioned in the Öresund Region. From the harbour, the extensive network of motorways and railways in the region is easily reached via Västkustvägen.
The Eastern Harbour has been an industrial area since the first half of the 1900´s and is one of the largest industrial estates in Malmö. Unlike other harbour areas, the majority of companies operating in the Eastern Harbour area are not dependent on the harbour services available.

There are more than 200 companies in this area including some major ones such as Green Cargo AB, DSV Road AB, Ragn-Sells AB and Posten. Today, the Eastern Harbour area is characterised by small and average size businesses and warehouse operations
The middle section of the harbour was added in the 1920´s and is near to both central Malmö and other harbour areas. Its close proximity to Västkustvägen means easy access to the network of motorways in the region. The middle section of the Eastern Harbour is primarily used for car imports and different types of warehouse operations.
The middle harbour accommodates around 70 companies including DHL Express, B E Group, DP Nova AB and Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson AB. The largest workplace in the middle harbour, Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), also has its office here.