Western Harbour

One of the most important areas of expansion today is the Western Harbour with mixed urban structures including housing accommodation, workplaces and services.

The area is known for its environmental engineering solutions and has developed into an organic, sustainable part of Malmö. The Western Harbour is more than any other area in Malmö an example of the city´s transformation from an industrial society to a society based on innovation and knowledge. The residential tower Turning Torso is with its 54 floors a landmark which symbolizes the post-industrial Malmö. From here, the companies are in near vicinity of Malmö University at Universitetsholmen, Malmö Centre and Malmö Central Station.
The Western Harbour attracts many different types of companies but the profile of the companies that have established themselves in this area is particularly IT and computer orientated with the addition of head offices. The area has around 400 companies among which can be found Sigma Exallon, Flextronics, Logica, TeliaSonera Skanova, WSP Sverige, Ramböll and EWP Windtower. Examples of companies that have chosen to locate their head office to the Western Harbour are Hilding Anders, Duni and AarhusKarlshamn.
Urban density in combination with modern architecture and a high level of sustainability is part of the area Dockan in the Western Harbour. The area is transforming into a media cluster where the Media Evolution City will be located in the docklands. It is hosting growth companies within moving images as well as SVT, the Swedish public service TV.