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Outside Comfort Zone & Koanuka Films & Marketing

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fredag, 15 september, 2017

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Media Evolution, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, 211 19 Malmö



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Early bird: 313 kr. Standard: 811 kr

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Bring out the best version of yourself and achieve your goals and Visions.

Worldwide professional coaches who walk their talks who is coming to Malmö to give lectures and activities which will awake the best version of you and guide you to achieve your goals.

Join the event and be a part of a community with people who are interested in going beyond an average Svensson life.



⃟ Ricardo Koanuka
NLP master coach trained by the best within personal development, such as Tony Robbins and certificated by the founders of NLP, neuro linguistic programming, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, will take care of the high state of the event and give the speech; Uncomfortable Purpose – How to create a life that you choose and get paid for it!

⃟ Daniel Donlind
If you ever doubted if there is a way to increase your willpower, Daniel Donlind – The Rooster, is the proof. He is Multiple Swedish champion in boxing learned a new language within 3 months, became a language teacher despite dyslexia, Top sellers at all sales companies, Appointed to this year’s guide for best service and went from employee to self-employed.

⃟ Lambros Ioannou
NLP and life coach from Greece, who will give you 3 tools to handle thoughts, release blocks from your past and find balance and energy with the speech; 3 secrets to transform your life.

⃟ Leslie Alfredsson
Have you ever felt that you lost your path? Feeling insecure and afraid is part of our life. Leslie Alfredsson will share her journey, how she embraced uncertainty, and transformed it into great opportunities. She is a Swedish-Mexican Impact Entrepreneur, Mentor and Motivational Speaker, Founder and CEO of MyEsteeme and has been nominated as “The Female Inventor of the Year in Sweden 2016

⃟ Lambros Ioannou
NLP and life coach from Cyprus, who will give you 3 tools to handle thoughts, release blocks from your past and find balance and energy with the speech; 3 secrets to transform your life.

⃟Per-Erik Persson
Everyday we have about 60000 thoughts.. did you know that 95% of them are the same as yesterday? That means that breaking patterns are tough but not impossible. In Sweden there’s an expression saying, it’s the thought that counts – let’s together find out which one!

The mission of the event is for you to discover your unique path in life and to get the insight of what tasks or creation you are here to manifest or explore. We know your unique path will give you fulfillment beyond anything else, however, your path is always outside your comfort zone. So, start there.



10% of your ticket gives girls schooling in Niger through the Non-profit organization Mamachee

🔑 Early Bird – only available for the first 40 persons!
250 SEK (+ 62,50 VAT/MOMS) Total 312 SEK

🔑 Early Bird You + 1 Friend – only available for the first 20 persons!
400 SEK (+ 100 VAT/MOMS) Total 500 SEK

🔑 Early Bird You + 2 Friends – only available for the first 10 persons!
450 SEK (+ 112,50 VAT/MOMS) Total 562,50 SEK

🔑 Standard Price
649 (+ 162,25 VAT/MOMS) Total 811,25 SEK

More info: http://www.outsidecomfortzone.se/

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