Outside Comfort Zone


Outside Comfort Zone

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STUDIO Malmö, Black Box, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö



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645 - 806 SEK

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Develop your internal resources; mental, social and emotional strength with open-minded doers in Malmö while you have a lot of fun!

The conference does not suit everyone, you have to be prepared to go outside of your comfort zone… Do you dare to come? 😨

Realize your entrepreneurial vision – personal development for business. Tools & workshop provided by your mind-trainer Ricardo Koanuka.

What you’ll learn:
✅ Strengthen your belief in your own ability to create.
✅ Toolbox for action towards your vision.
✅ Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.
✅ Increase your social skills.

🎟All early Bird tickets sold out! Only limited tickets left. Get your ticket before they also finish!
All tickets includes: Breakfast, coffee ☕️from SCA certified baristas and lunch 🍲from award winning top-chefs!


☀️ Ricardo Koanuka International master NLP coach and entrepreneur. Educated by the best international within personal development and part of Tony Robbins Crew.

🔊 SPEECH: I was crazy enough to believe in myself.
Are you Goal or purpose oriented? Where each of these roads will take you.

What you’ll learn from the speech:
✅ How to turn passion into money
✅ 5 ways to identify your true passions.
✅ Difference of goal and purpose oriented.
✅ How to communicate with yourself.
✅ Maximize your internal resources.
✅ Learn how to recognise synchronicity in your life.

📝 WORKSHOP: Unlock your limiting beliefs
A limiting belief is something you believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world that limits you in some way.

✅ What you’ll learn from the workshop:
✅ Why you are not becoming what you want yet.
✅ Discover your limiting beliefs about money.
✅ Reach a point of no return — discover the negative consequences of your belief.
✅ How to re-frame beliefs for instant change.


☀️ BELLA MALEKIAN has succeeded to do what no-one else done before: Starting a dance academy at the age of 15 which became the best dance academy in Sweden and award-winner of two prizes at Näringslivsgalan (Enterprise gala) in Malmö among winning the world champion of Salsa in Miami and Salsa Solo for female professional devision in USA. She leads about 40 employees and have around 1000 students per year.

Her speech will take you on her journey to success with her motto; Believe in yourself and one day others have no other option but to believe in you!

What you’ll learn from the speech:
✅ How you can reach your dreams with your belief.
✅ Going against all odds.
✅ Choosing your own unique path.
✅ Lead by setting an example.
✅ Learn how to honouring and appreciating yourself.


ALEXANDRA GONCALVES finds her self, homeless with two children at the 5th floor, too depressed to work at the police house, when her colleague asked if he could recommend her as a host for a new TV show at SVT.

Most of us humans live with so much fear of failure that it controls the entire outcome of our lifes. Instead we should embrace failure and accept it for what it is: failure is the way to success. Make the mindshift you need to accomplish your dreams.

What you’ll get from the speech:
✅ How to embrace failure to become your turningpoint
✅ Mindshifting tools for acceptance
✅ How low self-value can stop you and how to get in contact with yourself
✅ Become conscious of your automatic thoughts


☀️ DANIEL DONLIND is a multiple Swedish champion in boxing, entrepreneur and Spanish teacher. He is the proof that willpower can be built.

Building willpower is now more important then ever. The more researches studied willpower, the more clear it is why some people thrive and some people don’t. At this event Daniel will show how willpower works and how to increase it.
With the right tools willpower can be built.

What you’ll get from the speech:
✅ Tools to increase your willpower
✅ Entertainment
✅ Motivation Boost


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