In the Meet Malmö forum, the City of Malmö and its business community collaborate to find solutions to the city’s challenges. Good thoughts and initiatives from the business community, organisations and the City of Malmö on socially sustainable development are allowed to germinate and develop into partnerships and concrete solutions.

This is how it works
Through personal meetings and an online portal it is possible to submit initiatives for testing ideas and searching for collaboration partners and other resources. The originator of the initiative may be a player from the business community, the City of Malmö or other institutions, such as public authorities or industry organisations.

The main criterion for submitting an initiative is that it aims at cooperation between the business community and the City of Malmö – for the development of business ventures and, ultimately, for socially sustainable advancement. Increased growth and employment.

If a business community representative does not have an own initiative, he or she can register his or her interest in becoming a Meet Malmö resource. These resources are utilised when the working group for an initiative is to be formed and linked to representatives from the municipality or other organisations.

The City of Malmö and the City Office’s Trade and Industry department coordinate the work with Meet Malmö and are responsible for interconnecting the various actors and launch the work.

Together we drive the development of Malmö
Meet Malmö is based on the idea of lasting knowledge alliances between the municipality and other actors in society. By gathering knowledge, expertise and experience from different spheres, we can highlight the challenges and see opportunities from different directions, and hence find new solutions to increase growth and employment in Malmö. Since its inception in the autumn of 2015, fifteen collaboration initiatives have been given life through Meet Malmö. Their activities include everything from competence provision and the setting up of new arrivals to specific industry issues and investments.

For further information please contact:
Process Manager, Liselotte Ehn, +46 (0)70-20 597 60,
Process Manager,Victor Ollén, +46 (0)72 003 40 74,

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