Investing in Malmö is investing in a winning combination!

Malmö is the growth center of southern Sweden offering access to 3.9 million regional consumers, as well as acting as a gateway to Scandinavia. It is a great place to live, work and do business in. It’s a modern and pulsating European city that has retained its charm and friendliness. In addition, Malmö is very much an international city with 322 000 inhabitants who speak over 150 languages, representing 174 different nationalities.

Why Malmö would be the best place to locate your Scandinavian HQ

Malmö is a given site for locating main offices for Sweden, Scandinavia and/or Northern Europe. (Unless your main business is global finance, then we really recommend our friends in Stockholm or Copenhagen)

Mercedes-Benz, Brio, Colorama, Honda Nordic, Peugeot, Oatly, IKANO bank, Vestas, Thule Group, Duni, Perstorp and Orkla Foods are but a few of the companies that have moved their WHQ, Nordic or Swedish headquarter to Malmö. IBM Client Innovation Center and IKEAs global center “Hubhult” have also been located to Malmö.

They have moved here because we have an expanding, highly educated, young and diverse population. We have great communications and logistics with port, extensive rail / road network and only 20 minutes from the city center to Copenhagen Airport. Add world class sustainability, a stable, innovative economy and great quality of life for employees – including a city beach – it is probably the right place for your company!

Compared to some capitals in the Nordic countries it also helps that key personel can actually get and afford somewhere to live.

Strenghtening the case – other voices on Malmö

• EU Eurobarometer: Rank 7 in EU – Inhabitants most satisfied with their lives. (2015)

• Green Uptown Magazine: Top three greenest cities in the world (2013)

• OECD / Forbes Magazine: 4:th most innovative city in the world (2013)

• European Cities Entrepreneurship Ranking, ECER: Second city in European entrepreneurial rankings (2010)

Excellent infrastructure

With only 20 minutes from city center to Copenhagen airport, Scandinavias largest airport, and 30 minutes to Malmö airport international companies have easy access to sites and customers with fast, direct flights all over the world.

The infrastructure of roads and rail networks are extensive and supports multi modal transports. CMP, Copenhagen Malmö Port, is an example of maximizing the cross national potential with a Swedish/Danish joint port company ensuring high capacity and access to both countries. Keeping a sustainable perspective Malmö has bicycle routes that connect the whole city.

The Öresund bridge connecting Copenhagen and Malmö ensures that goods, competence and people flow freely between Denmark and Sweden making it possible to work in both countries from one convenient location.

In 2024 the Fehmarn Belt tunnel will be ready connecting contintental Europe and Denmark. This will become the new transport backbone between central Europe and the Scandinavian countries and it will all flow up through the Öresund Bridge and Malmö.

Welcome to Malmö. It starts here!