JCI Malmö Academy Module 2 – Effective Communication

Kurs/ utbildning Workshop

JCI Malmö

Datum och tid
Sista datum för anmälan

tisdag, 04 april, 2017

Adress till evenemanget

Hotel Garden, Baltzarsgatan 20



Webbplats för evenemanget

200 kr for JCI and AIESEC members, 250 kr for others

Kräver det medlemsskap?



JCI Malmö Academy Module 2 – Effective Communication – Mastering Others 
”You can not not communicate” 

JCI Malmö Academy is intended for you who are ambitious and want a faster development of your inherent potential and want to enhance your career goals and business focus – irrespective of whether you are/want to be a people manager, project manager or specialist. 

By participating in the program you will get a solid tool for your future career, greater personal self-knowledge and self-confidence, a strong network and knowledge of strategy and organization.

The aim of this module (the second in a set of four) is: 
– Practice presenting and get focused feedback 
– Increase your awareness of how you influence other people 
 Learn to define specific outcomes and specific success criteria before a concrete presentation or meeting 
– Become inspired to use different stylistic tools in your presentations and meetings to strengthen your messages. 

What is in it for you? 
– Increased self-awareness and understanding of your own development and skills needs 
– Initiated action plan for their own development 
– Tools and methods to strengthen your own communication, role and activities 
– A free Insight Discovery personality profile (if you don’t have one already) at a value of 995 SEK

The training method:
Start and end point is the participants’ situation, where everyone will share knowledge for the benefit of the whole team. Participants are expected to bring their own experiences into the room and to actively participate in all aspects of the course. Our focus is to enable the participants by maintaining a high energy level throughout the day, where we use humour, play, imagination and creativity exercises to ensure engagement and learning.

Time: 2017-04-08, 10:00-16:00
Location: Hotel Garden, Baltzarsgatan 20, Malmö
Organizer: JCI Malmö
Participants: maximum 20 
Price (lunch is not included):
200 kr for JCI and AIESEC members 
250 kr for others
Deadline: 2017-04-04
Register at: https://jcimalmo.enkelanmalan.se/10/ 


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